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Troubleshooting Your Gas Stove's Malfunctioning Burner

Gas stoves are often preferred by cooking enthusiasts because they provide a versatile surface on which to prepare foods. If you have a gas stove in your home, you know what a luxury these kitchen appliances can be. Maintaining your gas stove is essential when it comes to ensuring proper functionality. If you notice your gas stove has a burner that is failing to ignite, addressing the problem quickly will help prevent more problems in the future.

Here are three things you can do to troubleshoot your gas stove's malfunctioning burner in the future.

1. Check the gas line.

In order for your gas stove's burners to ignite properly, access to a steady supply of natural gas is required. If the lines providing gas to your stove become kinked or damaged, the burners could fail to ignite.

Conduct a visual inspection of your gas line and straighten out any kinks that might be present as soon as you notice the burners malfunctioning. If you are still unable to get the burners to ignite, contact a qualified technician to inspect the gas line for damage.

2. Check the wires connecting the igniter and the control module.

The control module is responsible for sending a signal to the igniter to create the spark that ultimately ignites the gas supply coming to your stove's burners. When the wires connecting the igniter and the control module are loose, this signal is not properly transmitted. If your stove's burners aren't lighting, try removing the burner plate and inspecting the connectivity of the wires between the igniter and control module.

Make sure all metal connectors are firmly affixed to their respective tabs. If wire connections are not the issue, you may have a faulty igniter. Contact a repair technician to replace the igniter and restore functionality to your stove's burners.

3. Check the color of the igniter spark.

The igniter creates a spark that is designed to interact with the gas supply to your stove in order to provide the heat needed to cook on the stove's burners. If your stove's burners aren't working properly, checking the color of the igniter's spark can be a great place to start looking for the problem causing the malfunction.

The igniter's spark should appear almost white with a slight bluish tint. If the spark is orange or yellow, the electronic elements within the igniter are faulty and are preventing the creation of a spark powerful enough to ignite the gas supply. Have a repair professional replace the igniter to rectify the problem.

Knowing how to troubleshoot your stove when a burner fails to ignite will help you better maintain your gas-powered appliance in the future.

For more about this topic, talk to an appliance-repair professional.