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4 Mistakes To Avoid When Storing A Refrigerator

If you need to put a refrigerator in storage for an extended period of time, it's important to avoid some common storage mistakes to make sure that your unit will function properly when you need to use it again.

Poor storage practices can cause you to waste money and lead to frustrations down the road when your unit malfunctions. By avoiding the following four mistakes, you can keep your refrigerator in the best possible shape while it's in storage: 

Positioning the refrigerator on its side

The compressor of a refrigerator unit can become negatively impacted if the unit is stored on its side. Even storing the unit when it is slightly tipped could put stress on vital components like the unit's condenser and lead to malfunctions.

Neglecting to defrost and clean the refrigerator before putting it in storage

There are numerous concerns that arise if a refrigerator is left in storage without first being cleaned out. First of all, mold growth can develop and produce a foul smell that is difficult to get out of the unit. Also, a dirty unit could end up being an attractive home for pests that are in the vicinity of where the refrigerator unit is being stored. 

One of the most important things to do when cleaning the unit is ensure that all of the moisture is removed. This means that the unit must be defrosted and dried so that any ice that has accumulated fully melts off and can be wiped away. 

Unnecessarily investing in climate control

Many people who are storing a refrigerator in a self-storage unit assume that they need a climate controlled unit. However, this is unnecessary. You can save money on your storage unit by foregoing climate control because temperature changes are not going to compromise the condition of a refrigerator that is not plugged in and running. 

While climate control is necessary for sensitive electronics or furniture that's upholstered in leather, climate control has basically no effect on a refrigerator even if it is in storage for long periods of time. 

Allowing the refrigerator to get wet while in storage

While climate control may be an unnecessary expense when storing a refrigerator, moisture control is vitally important. Any exposure to moisture over time will make it possible for mold and pests to invade the refrigerator. This is likely to negatively impact the taste of foods stored in the refrigerator in the future.

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