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4 Reasons You Need A New Washing Machine

A washing machine is a luxury that many homeowners have. Without it, you will find yourself having to hand wash your clothing, which, to be honest, how many people in the world do that nowadays? However, washing machines aren't perfect. There may come a time when repairing the machine isn't enough and you have to replace it. Here are four reasons that might be:

  1. It Leaks Often: Leaking often is a sign that your washing machine needs replacing. Most likely, the hose in the back fo the machine is worn or loose, which is causing the leaking. In some cases, you can have a washing machine repair professional, like All Appliance Service Inc, come out to your home to replace the hose. However, once a hose is worn or loose, it's usually because the washing machine is older and isn't running efficiently enough to keep the rest of the components of the machine in good condition, which often leads to the new hose becoming worn or loose quickly. 
  2. It Makes Loud Noises: If your washing machine makes extremely loud noises when it is being used, it is usually because the motor needs to be tightened. A professional can do this for you, however, the repairs sometimes cost a great deal because the motor is hard to get to. The best thing to do is get a quote on how much the repair will be and then determine whether or not the repair is worth it or if replacing the machine altogether would be better. 
  3. It's Older Than 10 Years: Washing machines become seriously outdated after 10 years. Most likely, there are now newer washing machines that are more energy efficient, as well as being more efficient at cleaning your clothes. If you need to make repairs on a machine that is older than 10 years, you are likely better off investing in a new washing machine. It will probably cost just as much as the repairs that are needed and it will save you on the long-term costs of running it because a new one won't use as much energy. 
  4. It Doesn't Spin: At some point, your washing machine may stop spinning when it is running. If this happens, you may need to replace the belts, which a professional can do for you. However, another reason this can happen is because the lid switch needs to be replaced, which is more costly. In some cases, replacement of the machine is overall the better option. 

When you know these four reasons you may need a new washing machine, you can be sure that you make the right decision when it comes to choosing between repairs or replacement.