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Common Microwave Issues And How To Repair Them

A microwave is an appliance that isn't a necessity, but you most likely use it quite a bit more often than you think. It's an appliance that you would miss if it began to stop working. Microwaves last for a while if you take care of them properly and use them properly, but you could encounter an issue before the end of its lifetime, which leaves you to either repair the appliance or purchase a new one. Read on for a few common issues and how to repair them.

No Power

If you don't have any power to your appliance, it could be a few different issues. You could have blown breaker, which you will need to flip back into place in order to receive power to that outlet that your microwave is plugged into. If you don't have power, it may be due to an issue with your outlet itself. Check the outlet by using a multimeter and check for voltage. If you aren't getting any power and the breaker wasn't blown, the outlet should be replaced. If it's a GFCI outlet, you can press the reset button to reset it. If the outlet wasn't the issue, the plug on the microwave should be inspected for damage. If it's damaged with any exposed wiring, the wire can be replaced.

Runs But Doesn't Heat

If your microwave is running but it isn't heating, it may be an issue with the high voltage diode or the magnetron. If you have an issue such as this, it requires you to take apart your microwave, and if you aren't familiar with this type of repair, you should contact a professional microwave repair technician to help you make the repair for this issue.

Microwave Turntable Makes Noise

If you run your microwave and your turntable inside is jerking around or making a lot of noise, it could be because it isn't lined up just right on the track beneath the turntable. Remove the turntable glass and the support piece below. This piece has wheels on the bottom which sits on a track. The support needs to be lined up just right on this track. If it isn't, it will jerk around and begin to make noise when the microwave is running. The support can get out of place when removing food from the microwave.

These are just a few common microwave issues that can occur over your microwave's lifetime. If you have issues with your microwave and you aren't able to make the repair yourself, hire a professional repairman for help.