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4 Reasons Your Washing Machine May Not Drain Properly

When you run your washing machine, the water is designed to drain out before the machine stops. You don't expect to open-up your washing machine and have water still sitting in the washing machine. If your machine still has water in it after all the cycles are complete, there are a few things that could be happening.

Reason #1: Too Much Detergency

Detergency has been formulated to be more effective than it once was, so the amount of detergent you poured into your laundry twenty years ago is probably too much detergent to use today. Use the measuring cup to measure out the right amount of detergent.

This will prevent you from facing a washing machine full of suds when your clothing is done washing.

Reason #2: Something Got Stuck

It is smart to check all the pockets on your clothing before you wash your clothing to make sure that small objects, such as coins or chapstick, don't go through the wash.

Small objects that get left in your clothing can easily get stuck in multiple places, such as in the pump, and prevent water from draining out properly. Always check to see if something got stuck somewhere in the machine if it is not draining properly.

Reason #3: Drain Pump Issues

Next, the drain pump may be jammed up. There may be something stuck in the tube that connects your drain pump to the washing machine, or there may be something stuck in the inlet.

The drain pump could have other issues as well. For example, the belt on the pump may have broken. Or the pulley that drives the belt could have become damaging, causing the motor to get jammed up.

Or a blade on the pump could have broken, which would prevent the drain pump from draining properly.

Reason #4: Drain Hose Blockage

Finally, the hose that allows the water to drain out of the washing machine and into the water outlet could be damaged in some way. You can usually take the drain hose and detach it from the washing machine.  You can then feel the drain hose and see if anything is stuck in it. Commonly, lint builds up and can gradually clog the hose.

Also, check how the drain hose is connected to the washing machine and the back-siphon. If the connection is not set up right, the water may not drain correctly.

If water is not draining from your washing machine, more than likely, it is a small issue that you will need to deal with. If any of the above fixes don't work or if your drain pump needs to be fixed, call in a professional appliance repair company to assist you.

For more information, contact a washer and dryer repair service.