Common Microwave Issues And How To Repair Them

A microwave is an appliance that isn't a necessity, but you most likely use it quite a bit more often than you think. It's an appliance that you would miss if it began to stop working. Microwaves last for a while if you take care of them properly and use them properly, but you could encounter an issue before the end of its lifetime, which leaves you to either repair the appliance or purchase a new one. [Read More]

Diagnosing And Repairing 3 Common Dryer Problems

Even though you can hang your clothes out to dry on a line, having a dryer that works properly will ensure your laundry is completed in an effective and efficient way. Unfortunately, issues with the dryer may occur even if you use and maintain this important appliance properly. With this guide, you will be able to diagnose and repair a few common dryer issues. Dryer Doesn't Dry Obviously, your dryer needs to dry your clothes. [Read More]

4 Reasons You Need A New Washing Machine

A washing machine is a luxury that many homeowners have. Without it, you will find yourself having to hand wash your clothing, which, to be honest, how many people in the world do that nowadays? However, washing machines aren't perfect. There may come a time when repairing the machine isn't enough and you have to replace it. Here are four reasons that might be: It Leaks Often: Leaking often is a sign that your washing machine needs replacing. [Read More]

4 Mistakes To Avoid When Storing A Refrigerator

If you need to put a refrigerator in storage for an extended period of time, it's important to avoid some common storage mistakes to make sure that your unit will function properly when you need to use it again. Poor storage practices can cause you to waste money and lead to frustrations down the road when your unit malfunctions. By avoiding the following four mistakes, you can keep your refrigerator in the best possible shape while it's in storage:  [Read More]